Open source

OpenNN is an open source class library written in C++ programming language which implements neural networks, a main area of deep learning research. It is intended for advanced users, with high C++ and machine learning skills.

Deep architectures

The library implements any number of layers of non-linear processing units for supervised learning. This deep architecture allows the design of neural networks with universal approximation properties.

High performance

The main advantage of OpenNN is its high performance. This library outstands in terms of execution speed and memory allocation. It is constantly optimized and parallelized in order to maximize its efficiency.

To learn more about OpenNN, go to the documentation.

Commercial support

Technology evaluation

See whether OpenNN can fit your project requirements.
Since you want the best quality for your product, it’s
necessary to check how OpenNN can boost your application.
Artelnics is composed of experts in the application of OpenNN.
These talented people are our distinguishing marks.

Proof of concept

Develop a prototype to get your idea working
and eliminate technical risks. A pilot trial can
give us the certainty that our idea is plausible.
Working with our experts, you can quickly develop
a proof of concept or, if you prefer, we can develop it for you.

Design and implementation

Build your solution by taking advantage of
the right knowledge and resources.
Artelnics will help you to success in your business,
whether by giving you an insight on the best use of OpenNN
or by designing and implementing the solution itself.


Good products need to suit customers’ requirements.
As creators of OpenNN, we know everything about predicitive analytics.
Therefore Artelnics' team is the best option to optimize
your program if you are using our code.
We invite you to know how Artelncics can help you.